Rothingham, a new comic coming in 2011

If you went to the site of Trio Solution and expected to see Trio Solution, then this post is there to inform you that Trio Solution is no longer hosted on its dedicated site. If you are here because you received my Christmas card, splendid!

Rothingham is my new full scale comic project. It’s currently in development and I expect to launch it in 2011. The story centers a girl living in Rothingham, a mysterious place without any clear borders or hints about its location. Rothingham is a city in decay, a society stuck in a perpetual struggle in which everyone just lives out their life. Our protagonist seems destined for the same fate until she embarks on an epic journey that could possibly change everything.

If you are curious about Rothingham. I’m currently taking the city for a test drive in a little comic named The 3 not-so-princesses, starring the princesses from the Super Mario series, as they live as regular citizens in our dystopian city. You can read it on my deviantART.

This WordPress site will be expanded to become the official site of the comic. Please subscribe to the RSS feed to receive updates such as concept art and the launch of the comic.

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