Deze week heb ik een foto ontvangen van Daisey.

Daisey is een dochter van onze Mable en Fjurdi en is geboren in november 2006. Daisey woont in de regio Rotterdam bij Margriet en Nico. Binnenkort krijgt Daisey er een speelkameraadje bij. De pup is namelijk 4 weken geleden geboren en moet dus nog even groeien. Het is een tricolor reutje. Wie weet, wellicht kunnen we hem bewonderen op de Shelley Kidz terugkomdag.

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  1. avatar peter smith schreef:


    My name is Peter Smith, living Spijkenisse.
    I was zapping on internet and came across your website.
    I understand that the kennels are expecting a “nest” shortly.

    3 months ago I had to have my 6th Collie put to sleep due to “artrosa”
    he was 8 years old, Blue Merle.
    Therefore the purpose of this e-mail is to ask if my name could be added to the list
    of requests

    I don’t know whether I have understand correctly,
    Kind Regards
    Peter Smith

    • avatar Marleen schreef:

      Dear Peter,

      Thank you for your message and interest in our kennel Shelley Kidz.

      How very sad that you have to let go your dog at such a young age.
      8 years is much too young.

      Indeed, next week we are expecting puppies. We wil become bluemerles and tricolors.
      Are you seriously interested in a puppy? If so, then please let me know your contact details (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.).

      I like to hear from you.


      • avatar peter smith schreef:

        Hello again, thanks for a quick reply.
        Yes I am interested (my wife also).
        Adress : Fam. Smith
        Roosje Vosstraat 4
        3207 SK Spijkenisse tel : 0181 642547
        E-mail : peterrj@planet.nl

        We would like a Blue Merle male.

        Good luck with the puppies and looking forward to your answer.

        Best Wishes,

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